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ZAMWIS Web Resource User's Guide

ZAMWIS Web Resource consists of several pages.

1.Main page contains basic information about ZAMWIS (submenu About), list of news (News & Events), and some reports that are linked to the main site. It has a user's guide mainly or those that will be tasked with uploading data and information.

For some operations, e.g. up-loading files, authorization is needed. There is login and password input required on the main page (Main - About). After entering login and password on this page, a new menu appears. You need to exit the site correctly. Press Exit.

2. Maps page links with pages with maps (first static map loads). It is assumed that every map page also will have a link to corresponding interactive map.

3. Countries data page consists of three items. On start page (Download files) you can see list of files that you can download. You can select certain category or type of documents in drop lists to view  list of corresponding files. You can also select one of the countries to view files which have been downloaded by this country team members.

To upload your files on ZAMWIS server (Upload files page)  you must first enter your login and password on the main page (Main - About), return to Upload files page, and then fill in the special form. You must choose a file to download, select certain corresponding file type and data category.  

On page Delete files you can see list of files you have downloaded. On this page you have possibility to delete some of these files. All is you need to do – just click on the corresponding file name.  

 4. Zamwis data pages have the same structure as the Countries data pages. You can also download files (Download data page), upload files (Upload data page) or delete uploaded files (Delete data page).


5. On the Forum page you can propose a subject for discussion and express your opinion.